I would like to have a fence, shed or swimming pool. How do I obtain approval?

Please send us a rough sketch showing the location of the fence/shed in reference to the house, property lines and tree line if applicable. Please note that if a chain link fence is requested, it must be black in colour.  Sheds must match the exterior of the home (siding and shingles). For further details please see our Design Guidelines below.


Do I require HRM approval once my proposed fence, shed or swimming pool has been approved by the Developer?

Yes, all developments are subject to municipal by-laws and approval processes. Building permits and other municipal services are listed below.


Information on the HRM Permit Process



HRM Swimming Pool Bylaw



Where can I find a site plan of the neighbourhood or my property?

Community Concept Plans can be found on this website under each community.  For you individual property please call a Clayton representative at 902.445 2000.


Where can I find a copy of the Covenants or Design Guidelines?

A copy of the Covenants forms part of your deed, in the event that you are unable to obtain your copy, contact a Clayton Representative at 902.445.2000. Please note, the Covenants and Design Guidelines are subject to change and may vary from community and phase.


Can I cut a live tree down?

No living tree larger than 2" in diameter (at its widest point) shall be cut down, destroyed or removed at any time without the express written approval of the Developer. If such a tree is cut down, destroyed or removed without the express written approval of the Developer, it shall be replaced with a tree of similar size forthwith by the Purchaser at their expense. Trees within the area to be excavated for the erection of a dwelling house may be cut or removed as directed by the Developer.


My neighbour, neighbour's pet, or someone uninvited is trespassing on my property. What can I do?

This is a civil matter and you should contact your local authorities.


Can I keep my trailer/camper in my driveway?

No boat; motor home; or trailer with living, sleeping or eating accommodations shall be placed, located, kept, or maintained on the lands except between the front and rear lines of the dwelling located on the lands.


Useful Websites:

HRM Land Use Bylaws



Halifax Regional Municipal Charter



HRM Building Code



National Building Code (order form)



HRM Office locations and contact info



HRM Development Statistics






Last updated July 2013.

For general reference only, subject to change.