Innovation and risk-taking has been a hallmark of the Company since its inception. Following are a few examples of Clayton’s innovative thinking, trail-blazing leadership, and risk-taking over the last few years

  • Designed and built Canada’s first “EnviroHome” in 1992.

  • Created the first privately developed master-planned community in eastern Canada: Clayton Park.

  • Introduced protective covenants and design controls for entire planned communities – covenants and controls that are still maintained 40 years after the fact.

  • Designed and built the first condominium development in Atlantic Canada.

  • Pioneered and worked with the legal community and government institutions to create the first condominium legislation for Nova Scotia.

  • First signatories on the R2000 housing program in Canada. Clayton conceived, managed, and promoted metro’s annual R2000 “Home Tour” for many years.

  • First to sell “pad-ready” and certified residential lots, providing a more stream-lined building process to private contractors and individual homeowners.

  • Worked with Halifax Regional Municipality to develop and implement the Region’s Capital Cost Charge program. Three of Clayton’s master planned communities incorporate HRM’s cost-recovery program saving taxpayers millions of dollars in infrastructure spending over the next 20-25 years.

Looking to the future, The Parks of West Bedford is being designed as a “green” community with innovative approaches to storm-water management, tree-retention, active transportation alternatives, ground-water replenishment, and lake monitoring. The company has also teamed with HRM and the Province of Nova Scotia to build Atlantic Canada’s first interchange with free-flow “roundabouts” (Highway 102/Larry Uteck Blvd. Interchange).